World Federation of Science Journalists

The Global State of Science Journalism

June 22, 2011

Science journalism has a key role to play in 21st century information when science and technology become a major productive force. In recent years, several features (e.g. NATURE, 15 March 09, 28 June 09) and discussions at conferences and meetings have identified a sense of 'crisis' in specialist science journalism. However, it is unlikely that this 'crisis' is felt around the globe in the same manner.

To clarify this issue, we invite you to participate is a study conducted by the LSE (London School of Economics), in collaboration with WCSJ and WFSJ on Working Conditions and an Assessment of the Future of the Trade (WAFT. The (Fiocruz) Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Brazil, which hosts the Ibero American Network for Training and Monitering Science Journalism, is also a partner in this intiative.

Your collaboration is much appreciated. You find the link to the quesitionnaire below; It will take less than 10 minutes to complete:

A Spanish version is also available, at

Please, don`t fill this survey if you already filled it in London
(WCSJ in 2009) or in Brazil.

Martin W Bauer

Luisa Massarani
Brazilian science journalist
Ibero American Network for Training and Monitering Science Journalism

The link to the earlier report from WCSJ-2009: