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Canadian science journalists say: Stop muzzling Canadian government scientists

February 17, 2012

The World Federation of Science Journalists joined its two Canadian member associations in asking the Canadian Government to stop making it impossible for science journalists to interview in a timely fashion scientists working for the Canadian Government.

The Québec Association of Science Communicators ( and the Canadian Science Writers Association ( organized a panel, Friday morning, 17 February 2012, during the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Vancouver (Canada) during which science journalist Margaret Munroe ( ),  gave examples of a systematic policy of obstructions that has the effect of muzzling Canadian Government scientists.

The Friday panel, organized by science journalist Bin Anh Vu Van, of Télé-Québec science program Le Code Chastenet (, can be watched in its entirety at:

The World Federation of Science Journalists is a signatory of the letter published in English and French requesting the Prime Minister of Canada to unmuzzle its scientists.

Several media, in Canada and abroad, have covered the Friday morning panel which will hopefully lead to more open and easier access to the scientists working on critical issues for the Canadian public like climate change, tar sands, and fisheries:

You can find the press kit en English and French at  and 

Open letter to the Prime Minister

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