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Rwanda keen to generate power from Nile river's source

KIGALI: The construction of a power plant on Akagera river at Rusumo border post (South east) which has suffered several blows over the last decade is yet to be completed after a decade of struggle with regular blackouts.

Rwanda’s new approach to improve food security in the pipeline

KIGALI: A team of researchers from the Kenyan based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has embarked on a five-year program that aims to find ways of improving food security, boosting resilience to climate change and identify environmentally sustainable solutions to produce food in Rwanda.

Accord entre le Rwanda et les pays de la CEA dans la recherche agricole

KIGALI: Le Rwanda et d'autres pays membres de la Communauté est-africaine (CEA) ont signé un protocole d’accord facilité par l'Institut International de Recherche sur l'Elevage (ILRI), aux fins d’assurer sécurité alimentaire.

RWANDA: Forest Conservation Calls for Carrot and Stick

Kigali: For years, the various campaigns for sustainable use of forests just passed Pascal Segatashya by. But Rwanda's ambitious Forest Conservation Project eventually found him - and it has transformed his life and livelihood.

Official report shows child mortality declining in Rwanda 

Kigali: Child mortality across Rwanda is showing a significant decline where the mortality rate among children under five has dropped from 152 in 2005 to 103 per thousand births in 2009.

Rwandan researcher needs “biodiesel scheme” to alleviate poverty of rural farmers 

KIGALI: Dr. Jean Baptiste Nduwayezu, the Director General of Rwanda Institute of Scientific and technological Research (IRST), has expressed regret at the “non involvement” of smallholder farmers in bio-diesel production which could be another convenient way of alleviating rural poverty through generation of employment within the country.

Yellow rust threatens wheat production in East, North Africa

KIGALI : The proliferation of yellow rust wheat disease is a threat to food security and well-being of farmers in North and East Africa, the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) warns in a statement issued Tuesday in Kigali, Rwanda.,-North-Africa--13-769227-17-lang2-index.html

Research institute outlines new methods of improving food security in East Africa

KIGALI:One of the Kenyan based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), on Friday laid out new farming methods which are dedicated to improve food production and environmental management in six eastern African partners countries including Rwanda, according to a press release issued in the Rwandan capital city.
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