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Invitation to media activities at COP13 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bali

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Panos will provide media activities and support to journalists before, during and after the UN climate change summit, COP13, in Bali, Indonesia, on 3-14 December 2007.

COP13 will be significant for two main reasons. It will be the first held in South-East Asia, which means that it presents a significant opportunity to raise the profile of climate change in the region. Secondly, high on the agenda will be efforts to agree a 'Bali Mandate' - a timetable for agreeing future international action when the Kyoto Protocol's first commitment period expires in 2012.

In order to meet these challenges, IIED and Panos invite journalists, reporters, media houses and training organisations to join them in some or all of these activities, which include media clinics, development and climate days, fellowships for journalists and a shadowing programme, as well as the launch of the new report, Up in Smoke-Asia.

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A selection of the activities to be held in the run up to, during, and after the Summit in Bali:

Pre-Bali briefings

IIED and Panos will provide journalists with background information on climate change, the COP process, and the major issues under negotiation.

Media clinic

This one-day event on Friday 8 December will include briefings by experts on the negotiations, key side events and the 'Development and Climate Days' event that begins the next day. Experienced journalists who have been reporting on climate change for years will be invited to share their knowledge in a question-and-answer session.

Development and Climate Days

This two-day event organised by IIED and partners attracts top-level policy-makers. It provides an opportunity for journalists to learn about climate change and development, find and report stories, and meet and interview key experts. They will hear presentations on climate change and health, cities, energy and food, on disaster reduction and community based adaptation to climate change. The event is now an established part of the COP side event and has been a major attraction at recent summits. Senior speakers from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN Development Programme, the Red Cross, and others, drew hundreds of delegates. See:

Matchmaking service

We will put journalists in contact with climate-change experts and negotiators from their countries, as well as with representatives of poor and marginalised communities that are vulnerable to climate change.

Shadowing programme

Established journalists will be invited to link up with less experienced reporters from developing countries by inviting them to shadow their reporting activities. Please let us know if you are interested in helping a colleague in this way by emailing:


We will be fundraising to offer fellowships to journalists from developing countries and bring them to Bali. Editorial support and mentoring will be provided for these fellows to produce stories from the summit and in their home countries. Expressions of interest in sponsoring the fellowships are welcome.

News to report

Panos, IIED and other international partners will launch the Up in Smoke-Asia report during COP13.

Ongoing support

In addition to making new contacts, finding great stories, and learning more about climate change reporting, journalists will be encouraged to stay in contact with IIED and Panos to receive long-term support in the form of future commissions, briefings and access to policy-makers. They will be encouraged to join existing networks of journalists to continue building their skills and experience.

These events and resources will be open to all media, but their focus will be on raising the capacity of journalists in developing nations to report on climate change and, in doing so, to promote greater inclusion of Southern perspectives in climate change policies.

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