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Earth Journalism Awards

Submit your Best Climate Change Reports!

Print, radio, TV and online journalists, photojournalists, bloggers from around the world and creative youth are invited to participate in the Earth Journalism Awards.

Submit your best stories on climate change before September 7 2009 (12.00 pm, Paris-time, GMT+2) and win an opportunity to cover the Copenhagen Climate Summit!

Internews' Earth Journalism Awards encourage high-quality local climate change coverage leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, December 7-18 2009 in Copenhagen (COP15).

A total of 14 awards are now open for entry:

Seven Regional Awards on current affairs and news reporting on climate change: Eurasia, South Asia, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and North America, Europe & Australia.

Seven Thematic Awards: The Negotiations Award, The Human Voices Award, The Energy Award, The Forests Award, The Climate Change and Nature Award, The Climate Change Adaptation Award, and The MTV Positive Change Award.

The 15th award - the Global Public Award - will be chosen by the public, which will be invited to vote online for the best story drawn from the winning regional and thematic awards through a social networking campaign on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Winners will be invited to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen this December, where they will cover these pivotal negotiations and be honoured at a high-profile awards ceremony.

At COP15, nations around the world are due to conclude negotiations on the future of the Kyoto Protocol. Accurate and high-quality reporting on climate change issues is the key to make all audiences connect on the complexity and potential impact of the measures under negotiation in December at one of the most significant gatherings in history.

For more information visit Earth Journalism Awards page.