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Prize of Environmental Journalism Casa MediterrĂ¡neo

Casa Mediterráneo has announced the first edition of the International Prize of Environmental Journalism Casa Mediterráneo, a prize by which this Institution wants to recognize in public the efforts of the information professionals on the spreading of Mediterranean environmental values and social awareness about the need to preserve them, as well as making progresses towards the region sustainability.

The prize, worth 18,000 euros, is endorsed by the Asociación de Periodistas de Información Ambiental, APIA (Association of Environmental Information Journalists) and the Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica AECC (Spanish Association of Scientific Communication). At international scale, this official announcement is opened to the participation of physical persons in every journalistic genre, published or broadcasted during 2009 in printed, digitalized or audiovisual medias from any worldwide country, though those presented in other languages different of Spanish, French and English must enclose a translation in one of these three languages.

The work subject must be focused on the description of ecologic values at the Mediterranean basin, its environmental problems or initiatives adopted to resolve them, and the progresses on the sustainable tourism of the region.

Moreover, the Jury could award even four honorable mentions, with the amount of one thousand euros for each one. The Jury, presided by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, will be represented by personalities with renowned prestige in the environmental and journalism field. The Jury decision will be published in May 2010 and the prize will be given during an event celebrated at the municipality of Benidorm, head office of the department Environment and Sustainable Tourism of Casa Mediterráneo, the 4 June 2010, one day before the celebration of the World Environment Day.

The Jury will value the experience of the candidates in the work of spreading environmental and ecologic values in general, the Mediterranean basin in particular, the journalistic quality of the works, its ability of transmitting messages that promote knowledge and awareness about the environmental problems, the originality of the subject, its approach and impact.

As guidance, special attention to the following thematic areas: the lack of water resources and desertification, fight against climate change, natural risks prevention, waste management and preservation and protection of Mediterranean biodiversity.

The deadline for the work presentation will finish the next 7 May, at 14:00.

To consult the rules, people interested could visit the website of Casa Mediterráneo ( For more information or any question write to: