World Federation of
Science Journalists

Excellence in epilepsy journalism award

Despite its extensive impact around the world, the need for education on the correct facts about epilepsy is still great. To encourage journalists to raise awareness of epilepsy and to help break down these barriers, IBE and UCB Pharma are pleased to continue the Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award. The award will recognise journalists who produce stimulating, informed and compelling news and feature stories on epilepsy.

The international award is open to consumer, health and medical journalists from around the world writing for print, broadcast or online media and will celebrate journalism that challenges stereotypes. Freelance journalists are also eligible to enter. Reports and articles submitted for consideration must have been published or broadcast between 30th June 2009 and 29th October 2010 and articles must fulfil some or all of the following criteria:
  • Help to increase awareness and understanding of epilepsy
  • Give a voice to persons with epilepsy
  • Is conceptually or visually innovative and creative
  • Is well structured, well researched and makes for compelling reading or listening
  • Uses language responsibly when reporting or writing on epilepsy.

Prizes will be presented in three separate categories:
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Online
For more information and application form, visit their page: