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Best Cancer Reporter Award 2011

The Best Cancer Reporter Award is organised by the European School of Oncology (ESO) with the aim of encouraging intelligent and critical coverage of cancer journalism. ESO is running the award for the 6th year running and we are looking for ways to promote the award to as many science/medical journalists as possible.

The Award is open to consumer journalists (staff or freelance) writing for print or online publications who have demonstrated outstanding ability in covering cancer stories. Journalists can nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague or member of the cancer community.

Journalists who write for medical journals (eg. Nature, etc.), professional audiences (eg. Scrip etc.) or cancer publications (eg. Cancer World, Lancet Oncology, newsletter/magazine published by cancer organisations etc.) are not eligible for this Award.

We are asking for nominations from journalists who think they deserve to win the award as well as people who would like to nominate a journalist whom they have read and should be recognised for their excellence in cancer reporting.

We accept articles in foreign languages but they must be accompanied by an English translation or a one page summary in English.

The articles must have been written between 29th April 2010 and 29th April 2011. There will be one first prize of 10,000 euro and a runner up prize of 5,000 euro and all winning journalists will have one of their articles published in our magazine Cancer World.

We have put together this small press release (attached) detailing the award. Is there any way that you could post this on your site under the ‘Competitions’ section and whether there is a way of getting the information sent directly to your members?

The closing date for the award is 29th April 2011, so in the meantime if you have any other ideas on how we could promote this to science/cancer journalists we would greatly appreciate all your help and ideas.

Further information regarding the award can be found on our website: