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Competition offers head start for Science Journalists

To analyze and communicate complex scientific topics is more than just a profession – it is an art. Accordingly, launching a career as a Science Journalist may prove to be an arduous endeavour.

The required journalistic skills are as important as the writers' specific scientific background, making the choice of vocation as interesting as it is challenging. Medical Science Journalism marks no exception here.

Mickey Chopra, Chief of Health at UNICEF, being interviewed (c) World Health Summit
“Research for Health and Sustainable Development,” is the theme of the 2012 World Health Summit, to be held in Berlin from October 21-24, 2012.

As part of this prestigious event, the World Federation of Science Journalists is proud to partner with the World Health Summit ( and Germany’s most read medical journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt, to encourage budding science journalists to participate in the “Next Generation of Science Journalists” competition. It aspires to provide a welcome boost for young careers with a chance to leave a mark on the global media. Young science journalists are invited to participate in this competition, under the following terms:

Terms of Application:
  • Submission of one article on the main topic of “Global Health”, which must have been published after January 1st 2011. The article must be informed by an appropriate scientific background.
  • The article can have been published in any form: print, digital, acoustic or visual. For audio and video content, a link to the electronic source is required.
  • While articles will be accepted from every country, the language is to be English.
  • Additionally, a short CV (one page), and a scan of a current passport must accompany the submission.
  • Application will be sent to:
  • The Young Professional Applicants are to be at the beginning of their career as Science Journalists, recent graduates or less than 5 years experienced. This will be verified via age and CV.
  • The submission deadline is the 1st of September, 2012.
Selection and Honor

An international jury will select the five best entries, which will cover the World Health Summit. The internationally renowned Summit has the patronage of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, and François Hollande, President of the French Republic. It annually attracts high-ranking participants from Academia, Politics, Private Sector, Civil Society, NGOs, Media, and more. The cooperation of WFSJ and Deutsches Ärzteblatt opens the door for young professionals to participate in this event.

The decision will be communicated shortly after the deadline; the special program for the winners will be conveyed at that time. A lump sum reimbursement for travel expenses will be provided at the World Health Summit, totalling 500 Euro each. Please note that transport and accommodation will need to be organized individually.

Rare opportunity for the winners

The winners will benefit from interesting insights, exchange with colleagues, workshops and various networking opportunities with international scientific luminaries.

Each winner will:
  • participate in the World Health Summit 2012 (21st Oct. – 24th Oct. in Berlin),
  • receive support for their travel expenses (500 Euros, provided at the Summit),
  • take part in special workshops and meetings as part of the World Health Summit,
  • enjoy unique, international networking opportunities,
  • have the opportunity to publish the submitted article on (granted the appropriate legal situation).
Each winner may report on the World Health Summit as personally desired – through digital or via analog channels, as blog, podcast, report or in interview-form, etc. Each winner is obligated to produce a minimum of one issue on the Summit, which may be offered for publication as wished, plus if interested may be published on the World Health Summit’s website, The WFSJ will also feature the articles on its website.

For more information: