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October 22, 2008

Read Ms. Kalaugher article on the Amundsen published in the Physic World magazine.

Monitoring the melting of the Artic [ ]
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September 2nd, 2008

Article published on the Environmental Research web

Viruses in Arctic Ocean likely to decrease carbon sink efficiency
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Checking out Arctic mercury (subscription required)
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The September issue of PhysicsWorld (see [ ] ) will also contain an article related to the Amundsen trip "Monitoring the melting of the Arctic".

Application essay

How I can spread the word about the CCGS Amundsen

Hi there. I'm a member of the Association of British Science Writers and I have eight years experience as a science journalist and editor. These days, I edit environmentalresearchweb (, a website that provides news and analysis of environmental change and potential solutions to an audience of researchers, policymakers and campaigners. Backed by the UK's Institute of Physics, environmentalresearchweb aims to bring professionals all the information they need in one easily-accessible location. The site launched in February 2007, already has more than 6,000 unique visitors a month and is growing fast.
During a week on the CCGS Amundsen I believe I could really get up to speed with the research going on aboard. This would enable me to provide environmentalresearchweb's readers with details of cutting-edge studies into the environment of the Arctic, direct from the coal-(or rather iceberg) face. The editor of Physics World, one of environmentalresearchweb's sister products with a global readership of 100,000, has also agreed to accept an article based on the trip.

What's more, I'd be looking to write news and features about the Amundsen on a freelance basis for a number of UK-based national media outlets such as The Independent or The Guardian newspapers. And I'd like to commission a few of the researchers aboard to write talking point articles for environmentalresearchweb about the key areas of discussion in their fields.
This combination should provide a range of types of media coverage for work aboard the Amundsen - from a technical viewpoint for environmentalresearchweb, for the science-literate but less specialist readers of Physics World, and more general coverage for the public.
Finally, from a practical viewpoint, I'm fit, healthy, enthusiastic, easy to get along with, and available to travel at any time in April 2008.
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