World Federation of
Science Journalists

Mentee in Science Journalism

For more details about the programme, please read the news: Do you want to be a SjCOOP mentee?

Criteria for Participating Journalists (mentees)

Essential qualifications and requirements
  •  Minimum of three years of experience as practicing journalist;
  • Presently working as journalist or freelance;
  • Support from your editor or the organization where you published as a freelance (recommendation must include the editor email address and phone number); 
  • Strong desire to improve skills at reporting science and technology issues
  • Commitment to follow the project’s requirements (online course, individualized program, transborder stories);
  • Willingness to share his or her production with a mentor and accept comments and suggestions;
  • Willingness to work closely with a team of journalists to cover different scientific issues.
Advantages /assets
  • Journalists working in environment, health, climate change, agriculture and science will be given advantage;
  • Print, Web and Radio journalists will be given priority. However, some TV journalists might be accepted, particularly those who demonstrate the capability of exchanging scripts or videos with their mentors or write for print or websites.
  • Recommendation letters from a former SjCOOP mentors or board members of associations will be welcome and taken into consideration, but they are not required.

Working language
  • SjCOOP seeks candidates whose language of work is Arabic, English or French, but who can at least read English and understand presentations in English.
The mentoring will be in their working language (Arabic speaking journalists will have an Arabic speaking mentor, English speaking journalists will have an English speaking mentor, French speaking journalists will have a French speaking mentor). But, there will be several meetings during which the presentations will be made in English for all mentees.
Required documents
  • Resume
  • One page text explaining why you should be selected for mentoring: how it will improve your skills, what you will do with the new skills, why you are a good investment for the time of a mentor and the SjCOOP resources, career plans, and why it is important for you;
  • 3 scanned articles, radio or TV tapes, or scripts on science-related topics; with a paragraph on the best one of the three stories explaining why you think that article or program is your best;
  • Scanned key pages of your valid passport.
  • Recommendation letter from your editor or the organization where you published as a freelance (recommendation must include the editor email address and phone number);

The Mentees application process is now over